7 Reasons the DJI Spark is the best drone for Christmas 2017

DJI Spark is the best drone for Christmas 2017

First of all, before you all jump in to criticize us (yes, we know you’ve been wanting to do that the moment you saw the title), when we say that the DJI Spark is the best drone for Christmas 2017 that means we think it’s the best drone for the majority of people.

There are certainly cases where the DJI Mavic (travelers), the Phantom 4 (demanding consumers) or the Inspire (professional photographers/filmmakers) is the better choice (and we’ll mention those at the end). But we’re talking about the majority of people here.

And because we are looking for the best gift for the majority of people we chose the DJI Spark as the best drone for Christmas 2017.

So let’s look at the reasons why we think you should get the DJI Spark this Christmas.


DJI Spark Yellow1) The DJI Spark is fun!

Come on! We’re talking about a Christmas gift. They should be fun! And let’s face it, the DJI Spark is small, cute, comes in a variety of colors, has safety features and is easy to fly.

All of that combined make the Spark a fun drone that anybody can have enjoy flying, right from the start.


DJI Spark Buy now2) Anybody can fly the DJI Spark!

Even if you’ve never flown a drone before, you can fly the DJI Spark right out of the box.

And although we recommend getting a controller, you don’t even need one to fly the DJI Spark. You can just have it take off from the palm of your hand and control it with gestures. Flying a drone just doesn’t get any easier than that.


DJI Spark Green Christmas 20173) It’s colorful!

With several colors to choose from (Alpine White, Sunrise Yellow, Lava Red, Sky Blue and Meadow Green) the DJI Spark is the most colorful out of the entire DJI line up.

And we have to say, whether it’s a birthday or Christmas, colorful presents always look better. They just bring that extra bit of happiness.


DJI Spark for Christmas 2017 in Blue4) OA and RTH! (Obstacle avoidance and Return to home)

Obstacle avoidance is great and will help anybody. But especially inexperienced pilots will be happy to have these features.  Rather than accidentally flying your Spark into a tree (or a person) the DJI Spark will make sure you don’t. And if you somehow lose control of it, the DJI Spark will just return to the homepoint again, all by itself.


DJI Spark5) It’s small!

The first advantage of this is obvious, it will fit under the tree. But in this list that’s not the main argument. After all, all DJI products will fit under the tree.

But, because the DJI Spark is so small you can take it anywhere with you. Not only that, it still delivers full HD video and high quality pics. Perfect on the go!


Fly More Combo DJI Spark6) It’s cheap!

The DJI Spark is by far the cheapest drone in the DJI Line up.

Not everybody can afford to splurge on a Phantom 4 or even a Mavic. But the Spark is withing most people’s budget.  And even if you can afford the other products, getting the Spark means you have some money left over to buy accessories (or to take the family out for dinner).


For Christmas we recommend the DJI Spark - yellow7) It’s a great second drone!

You might already have a Mavic, a Phantom 4 or even an Inspire. If you do, great! We love all of them.

But the DJI Spark is fun and it’s very easy to along with you out. Or you could even just leave it in the glove compartment of your car. That way it will always be right there with you.



DJI Spark Christmas combo 20178) You can get great combo deals!

Ok, we said 7 reasons but then we remembered the combo deals that are available for the DJI Spark.

It’s a great way to get everything you need (and sometimes even more than you need) for a great price.

There are plenty of deals out there but we really like this one.



So as you can see, we have our reasons for recommending the DJI Spark. But because we know the critics are still waiting, let’s also have a quick look at the other DJI drones that make great gifts:

Mavic Pro PlatinumDJI Mavic

The DJI Mavic is the best drone for travellers. Because of it’s folding arms you can easily take it along with you and it creates higher quality video and pictures than the DJI Spark.

You can read more about it here or see the current price here.


Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian with contorllerDJI Phantom 4 Pro

The DJI Phantom 4 is the last true consumer drone in their line up. Although often used by professionals as well it was made for the demanding consumer. With Obstacle avoidance on all sides it’s even more safe to fly and the bigger camera sensor means that the pictures and video are even better.

You can read more about it here or go here for a price check.

DJI Inspire 2DJI Inspire 2

If you’re looking for the best of the best but don’t want to go for full commercial drones than the DJI Inspire 2 is the way to go.

If you are, or are looking for a gift for, a (semi)professional photographer or filmmaker than this is the drone for you. With interchangeable lenses, dual operator possibilities and much more this really is the top of the line when it comes to Ready-To-Fly drones.  See the current price for a ready to fly bundle here.


Whichever one you choose, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season and wish you lots of happy flying in 2018!