About us

What is there to say about us?

We are 4 people who like to “play” with drones/quadcopters/UAVs/WhateverTermYouPrefer and who are a bit geeky. Just take a couple of friends watching Fantastic Four around the time the DJI Phantom 4 was expected and all of a sudden somebody yells:”We should be the Phantom Four!”. Obviously, everybody agrees, there are high 5s and toasts are made to the Phantom Four.

Great! But then what? We don’t have any superpowers.
All we have is a lot of enthusiasm, some knowledge and a fair bit of experience. Luckily there is always one and this time the one said:”Let’s start a blog!”.
More cheers, high 5s and toasts and, here we are. Trying to get this site of the ground.

Between the 4 of us we have over 60 years of photography experience (yes, we remember dark rooms), over 40 years of video experience (indeed, before digital) and about 30 years of RC/Quadcopter/UAV experience (the dark ages before the birth of multirotors). And we’re hoping to share some of that experience with you.

So thank you for stopping by and giving us the chance to share. If you subscribe to our newsletter we will let you know when we’ve released new content. And please feel free to use article comments to share your opinion with us. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree. We still learn every day so maybe we can learn from you.

Happy flights!

Oh, one last thing. The products listed on this site link to Amazon pages (or local equivalents you Bol.com people in the Netherlands). When you buy one of those products we may be rewarded with a small referral fee. This happens without costing you anything extra at all! You still get the best price! Isn’t that amazing? Just by getting yourself the best deal possible you also support us. And that support helps us bring our expenses down a little bit. This means we can buy more products to review for you and we can create more content for you. So, in advance, thanks for your support!