DJI Black Friday Deals

DJI Black Friday Sale

DJI has announced various Black Friday promotional offers for the DJI Spark, the Mavic Pro, DJI Goggles, the Osmo as well as the Phantom 4 Advanced and Pro. You can find all of these in the DJI store. (you can find Amazon Black Friday Deals here).

DJI Black Friday Sale Guide

DJI Spark – A little bundle of joy!

DJI SparkThe DJI Spark can be seen as the entry level drone. However, that often makes us think of a toy and the DJI Spark is so much more than a toy. Yes, it’s relatively small and it’s very easy to use. And yes, it can take off right out of the palm of your hand. But unlike a toy it can easily capture your memories for you while youŕe on the go. And it does so in high quality. The DJI Spark may be small but it captures 12MP photos and 1080p HD Video. and it makes this very easy to do thanks to intelligent flight modes like Quickshot and ActiveTrack. The DJI Spark is also the most colorful of all DJI drones as it comes in Blue, Green, Red, Yellow and White. Best of all, you don’t need a controller to use the DJI Spark (although we recommend getting one anyway to increase the range of the DJI Spark) but you can control it with gestures. Taking quick areal videos and photos doesn’t get any easier than that!

And right now DJI has a special Black Friday sale! Not only do you get a better price, DJI also throws in some free goodies! Check the DJI Store right now to see what you can get at the special discounted Black Friday price! 

Or you can read more about the DJI Spark here.


DJI Mavic Pro – Fold and go!

Mavic Pro PlatinumA portable and intelligent drone for those capturing stories on the go

The Mavic Pro is a very intelligent, portable drone. We can’t compare it to any other products as it is truly unique. DJI designed the DJI Mavic to have foldable arms which makes it the perfect companion for those of you that are on the go a lot. Just fold it up and take it anywhere you go. When you need it, unfold the arms and the DJI Mavic is ready for take off. Like all of DJI’s consumer quadcopters these days it in has a slew of intelligent features. It has all the intelligent flight modes (f.i. ActiveTack, Orbit, etc) and you can fly it with just your smartphone (check first) or with the controller (more range). It takes beautiful 12mp photos and will capture video for you in 4K. And with a flight time of 27 minutes it beats most drones from other manufacturers by miles. It is truly the ultimate travel companion.

Like the DJI Spark, the DJI Mavic Pro is on sale this Black Friday and it too comes with extra goodies. Click here to go to the DJI store and see what’s included in this amazing deal!

Or you can read more about the DJI Mavic Pro here.


Phantom 4 Advanced & Phantom 4 Pro – Everything you could ask for.

Phantom 4 AdvancedWhether you’re a serious hobbyist or a professional photographer, the Phantom 4 Advanced or the Phantom 4 Pro will be the first serious consumer drone to look at it. If it was a DSLR we would call it “prosumer”. Not only is the camera a serious step up from the DJI Mavic (it’s a 1 inch, 20MP sensor) but it also has a a mechanical shutter. And for those of you that are into video, it captures 4k video at 60fps. A major step up indeed. Of course it has obstacle avoidance so you can focus on taking photos/making video knowing that your Phantom will be save. And of course it has all the intelligent flight modes you could ask for. Photographers especially will love tripod mode for stable, longer exposures.

Of course DJI also offers extra free products with the Phantom 4 Advanced and the Phantom 4 Pro this Black Friday. Click here to see what extras are included this year!

You can read more about the DJI Phantom 4 Advanced here or you can follow this link for more information about the DJI Phantom 4 Pro.


DJI Goggles – Experience the world like never before.

DJI GogglesHave you ever wished you were a bird? Being able to soar over mountains and lakes, oceans and rivers? DJI now offers you that experience. With it’s high quality screens and long range hi-def transmission you’ll be experiencing flight from a bird’s eye perspective. It really is a truly unique experience and no description will do it justice. Once you’ve tried the DJI Goggles you’ll realize there’s no other FPV experience that comes close to it. Don’t deny yourself this amazing feeling as you can now get the DJI Goggles hugle discounted with any drone purchase on the DJI Store.

Click here right now to see how much you can save on your DJI Goggles this Black Friday!

You can read more about the DJI Goggles here.


DJI Osmo & Osmo Mobile – DJI stabilization in your hand.

DJI Osmo MobileIf you’ve made video with your DJI Drone you’ve probably ran into a situation where you wished you could have the same quality and stability in your hand. As amazing as areal shots are, sometimes you want to make handheld shots instead. And you can do just that with the DJI Osmo & the DJI Osmo Mobile. The DJI Osmo mobile is a handheld stabilizer for your phone. It turns your phone into an incredibly stable camera. And with the amazing quality of camera phones these days that may be all you need. However, if you’re looking for something even better than DJI also offers the DJI Osmo. The same amazing image stabilization with DJI’s own camera. Now you can create truly cinematic movies by combining your areal shots with the footage from your DJI Osmo!

With the DJI Black Friday Discounts this is the perfect time to finally get that Osmo.

Click here right now to see how much you can save! Or go here to read more about the DJI Osmo.

Amazon Black Friday Deals

Obviously, Amazon offers us lots of Black Friday Deals.  And of course they also have lots of offers on DJI products.

They offer the DJI Phantom 4 for $888, the Mavic Pro for $888, the Spark for $379.99, and the Osmo Mobile for $199.
Or you can just click here to see all of Amazon’s DJI offers this Black Friday!

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Enjoy your Black Friday deals!