DJI Goggles – A view from above like never before!

DJI Goggles

We’ve had to wait a long time for them to come to the market since DJI announced the DJI Goggles but they’re finally here! And as we’re used to by now, DJI brought a product that blows away the competition. With the new DJI Goggles you’ll experience a view from above like never before!

DJI Goggles introduction

DJI designed their goggles for easy FPV flying. And as we’re used to from DJI, they went beyond the competition with this release.

Image quality

The DJI Goggles feature large high quality screens (3840×1080) with a 85 degree field of view. Much wider than we’re used to in Goggles. To give you an impression, it compares to a 216 inch screen (almost 5.5m) at 10 feet (3m). We can’t ask for a more immersive experience than that.

DJI Goggles High Resolution And we’re getting this experience virtually without lag thanks to DJI’s OcuSync transmission technology.  Granted, even OcuSync isn’t fast enough for racing but it’s amazing for any other use. What other product offers you 1080p at close range and only drops back to 720p at further distances? Right now there’s no other product on the market that comes even close to this. So the DJI Goggles are definitely a game changer when it comes to FPV flying.

Multi user

With the DJI Goggles comes something else. We can now have this experience with several people at the same time. How do you ask? Well, you can connect up to 4 devices, simultaneously. This means you can share the flight experience with 3 of your friends at the same time. Or if you’re doing a commercial job, you can let the client get a taste of what they can expect.

DJI Goggles head tracking

And that’s not all. The DJI goggles allow you to control your aircraft by simply moving your head. That’s right, you can control things like pan and pitch by simply moving your head. Something that makes it much easier for you to follow moving subjects. And something that makes  you feel like you’re a bird in flight. Never before has flight been this immersive.

Intelligent flight mode control

The DJI Goggles come with a touch pad on the side which allows you to access a range of intelligent flight modes.  This means you don’t have to remove your goggles if you want to switch. Just run your fingers over the side of your goggles and you can control things right then and there. Clearly DJI thought about the user experience when designing these goggles.  Some of the modes you can access, that we find useful, are terrain follow (don’t worry about crashing while you’re looking around) and tripod (get those perfect shots). Being able to easily access those and switch between them is a great benefit.


Obviously the DJI Goggles can be adjusted to be a perfect fit and to match your eyes and you can even use them while wearing glasses. And if you just want to quickly glance at the world around you, just flip the goggles up. No need to take them off.


That brings us to one of the main questions. Can the DJI Goggles be used with all devices?

We can already hear you think:”What do you mean, almost?”

The DJI goggles can be used on all aircrafts, starting with the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced.

DJI Goggles Side ViewAnd we know, there are still quite a few of you who fly the Phantom 2 or even the Phantom 3 Standard/4k. They are great machines and can do an awesome job. But most people by now have upgraded to the newer quadcopters.

And if you haven’t upgraded yet, we definitely recommend you take a look at the DJI Mavic Pro or the DJI Phantom 4 Pro.  The DJI Mavic Pro‘s portability makes that another DJI game changer and the DJI Phantom 4 Pro just blows the competition away. We can’t recommend it enough for those that want the best consumer drone on the market.

But those are just consumer drones. That’s right but don’t worry. The DJI Goggles are also compatible with the DJI Inspire series. So this time both the commercial and consumer market benefit.

Other uses

DJI also thought beyond just flight when designing the goggles. The DJI Goggles come with an HDMI for external feeds. So you can use them to watch films and/ or play video games. And you can have the same high quality experience that you’ll have while flying.

The goggles also have their own audio jack for output so you can play the sound through an external sound system or through your headphones. Just imagine using them on your next long distance flight. Not only will you be able to tune out screaming children and crying babies, you can select to be in your own world for the entire flight.

And of course the goggles have an SD card so you can watch your flight footage on the goggles as well.

Fixed Wing mode

DJI Goggles adjust and function buttonsWith the DJI Goggles DJI has also introduced Fixed Wing mode. This mode allows you to fly your drone more like a plane. It locks the gimbal in place, gives you a sort of cruise control and allows for smoother banking. Some of us love it, while some of us really don’t see the point. But we’re looking forward to hearing what you think of it.

Finally, although this goes without saying, the DJI Goggles remove any problems you might normally face in direct sunlight. You’ll no longer have to worry about not being able to see your screen.

Unfortunately DJI initially only released a small number of Goggles and they were sold out before we had the chance to publish this article. But you can set a reminder in the DJI store and they’ll notify you when they’re in stock again. You can do that by simply clicking this link . If you’re subscribed to our newsletter we’ll let you know as well. And, as we know some of you have had less than stellar experiences with DJI customer service, we will of course let you know when they’re available elsewhere as well.

DJI Goggles price

The DJI Goggles are priced at $449 (USD. Prices may vary in local currency) and we’re not expecting that to change any time soon. That said, you can always check the current price here. You can get them from  DJI but if you prefer you can get them from Amazon as well.

DJI Goggles top viewAnd now we have to finish with a disclaimer.


Unfortunately the DJI Goggles may not be for you. In some places you’re only allowed to FLOS (Fly Line of Sight). In some places you can work around this by using a spotter but in other places it’s just illegal. If that’s the case for you and you still want to have  an FPV experience we recommend you look at the Epson Moverio BT-200.

These smart glasses give you an FPV experience while still being able to see your drone. They’re also cheaper than the DJI Goggles but we’ll be the first to say, the flight experience can’t be compared. The DJI Goggles image quality is miles ahead of the Moverios.

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Happy flying !