Drone laws in …. an overview of rules around the world

“What are the drone laws in X”  is one of the questions we get asked most often. And that makes sense as a lot of you like to bring your drone when you travel to new destinations

And by now most of us are well that drone laws in different countries around the world vary widely. We can’t just assume everything we can (or can’t) do at home is the same all over the world.

After all, laws and regulations vary per country and sometimes even per area. Just because something is legal in one place that doesn’t mean it’s also legal somewhere else.

And there is probably nothing worse than flying to a country only to have your drone confiscated at the border as the drone laws in that country forbid you even bringing it into the country.

Finding information about drone laws around the world

Unfortunately, it’s often quite hard to find out what the drone laws in a country are.

Although people try to be helpful, this question is often answered with nothing more than a link to local regulation. And that is great! Except for one thing, local regulation is usually written in the local language, not in English.

So if you’re wondering about different rules around the world you’re often at the mercy of random comments like “I’ve flown in X and nothing happened”. Which is kinda like saying “I once crossed at a red light and didn’t get a fine”. Just because somebody else got away with it doesn’t mean that you will as well. Not only that, breaking laws usually only means to even tighter restrictions. Something nobody wants.

Luckily there appears to be a good solution now. This map gives an overview of drone laws in different countries and even better, it pretty much covers all the rules around the world.

Map with drone laws around the world


Granted, there is a downside to this map as well.

Although it appears to be well maintained by Anil Polat it is based on user input.

So to be 100% sure you still have to check local regulations. Remember, this information may not be available in English. If that’s the case, we recommend you contact the embassy of the country you’re planning to visit. They should be able to help you out.

But the rules for the countries that we checked on this map were accurate (at the time of checking). This makes the map a great starting point when you’re planning a trip.

Finally, we have an easy to use way to check drone laws in other countries. It is definitely the most convenient way for you to find the different rules around the world.

After you check local drone laws, don’t forget to check our article on travel with your drone for some travel tips and some information about bringing your drone on airplanes.

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Happy flying!