Periscope – broadcast from your DJI drone

Periscope – broadcast from your DJI drone

After Facebook recently announced that it will be possible to live stream from your drone, Periscope now allows you to broadcast from your DJI drone as well. If you have an Apple device that is. At the moment it looks like it’s not (yet?) possible to stream from Android devices.

Keep in mind, our tips for making better video apply to live streams just as much as they do to video (just use the suggestions for “no post processing”). If you want to keep it simple then, at the very least, use some ND filters to bring your shutter speed down.

From the Periscope website:

You can now broadcast using DJI drones and show the world what you’re seeing from a new perspective. Experiment by broadcasting with DJI drones, GoPros and use the new Sketch feature to create unique and compelling content that will excite your audiences.


  1. iPhone 5S, 6, 6+, 6S, 6S+ with iOS 8.2 or above
  2. DJI Inspire, Phantom 4, Phantom 3 Professional or Advanced, Osmo

Getting Started

  1. Connect your phone to the DJI controller using a USB to Lightning cable.
  2. Turn on the controller and the drone by pressing the ‘On’ button, releasing, and then pressing and holding again until the light panel is fully lit.
  3. Make sure that the external camera icon is visible.
  4. Open Periscope and tap the Broadcast Tab to begin your broadcast.

Broadcasting Tips

  1. Switch between broadcasting from the drone camera and the front facing camera on your iPhone by double tapping the screen.
  2. Try using the Sketch feature to highlight objects of interest from a bird’s eye view.
  3. Swipe right during a broadcast to select which Camera source you’d like to broadcast from: GoPro, DJI, front-facing iPhone, or back iPhone.
  4. You can lock the screen by tapping lock screen. Unlock by swiping across the top. This comes in handy if you need to slip your iPhone in your pocket and prevent accidental taps.

Source: Periscope | How do I broadcast from my DJI drone?

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  1. am i the only one here that while my phantom 3 is connected to my iphone 6 via lightning cord that nothing shows on periscope i am connected? Would love for someone to assist in this awesome new feature i appear to not be able to use

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