Phantom 4 – 10 must have accessories (also for Phantom 3)

phantom 4 accessories

So you just received your brand new Phantom 4 and are now wondering if you should get some DJI Phantom 4 accessories. Or maybe you’ve had it for a while and are trying to decide if there are things you can get to improve your DJI experience even more.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

In this article, we focus on accessories for the Phantom 4 (while we’re on that, you can find our Phantom 4 review here) but the same recommendations also go for the DJI Phantom 3 (all versions) and our recommendations for DJI Mavic Pro accessories are not that much different. That said, because so many of you asked for it we’ve written a separate article with DJI Mavic Pro accessories. Just click here to read that article,

Back to the Phantom though.

With so many accessories to choose from, which Phantom 4 accessories should you get?

We will help you decide by giving you our top 10 recommendations for Phantom 4 accessories we believe every Phantom pilot should have. Some will improve your flight experience while others help protect your investment.

But, enough with the talking already. Let’s go! On to our top 10!


1. Extra Phantom Battery / Batteries

You can never go wrong with extra batteries.
dji-intelligent-battery-for-phantom-4The flight time  of the Phantom 4 has improved a bit. About 3 minutes compared to the Phantom 3 Standard and about 5 minutes compared to the Phantom 3 Pro / Advanced. Although it’s nice to have that improvement, flight time is still under 30 minutes so pick up at least one (but we recommend 2 or extra batteries) first. Especially as real-time flight time is always going to be shorter than the maximum advertised as this is measured while hovering in ideal circumstances. Having extra batteries is an easy way to fly longer. Even a single extra battery for the Phantom will double flight time.

This is our prefered gift and we’re actually hoping to get some ourselves.

– check the current battery price

2. ND filters
If you want to know what these are for, read our article on making better video If you don’t care what they’re for and are just looking for a gift, take our word for it; they’re important.

So now that you know ND filters are important it’s easy to understand they make for a great gift as well. You can check our ND filters review article for manufacturer recommendations.

– check our ND filter manufacturers review –

3. Tablet/iPad
ipad air 2Part of a good flight experience is a good video feed. The screen on most phones (both Android and iPhones) is really not ideal (too small) so gift your loved ones a tablet instead. We are divided over which device we like best; the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, the Nvidia Shield K1or the iPad Air 2. But , all 3 work just fine. A lot of why each of us prefers one over the other comes down to personal reasons that have nothing to do with flying the Phantom 4. The bigger screen compared to a phone will make the flying experience so much more enjoyable and will make somebody’s Holiday season.

– check the compatible devices list –

4. Sunshade
Tablets are only good if you can see them. Something that can be hard in direct sunlight. So pick up a sunshade for the tablet. After all, they are pretty cheap and the tablet is a bit useless if nobody  can see what’s on the screen.

– find sunscreens here –

5.  Case/backpack

Another great gift is a case or a backpack. Our favourite backpack is the Manfrotto D1. Not only does it hold the Phantom, it also has additional storage4 space. Designed for a DSLR with an extra lens it’s also great for carrying provisions on a day trip. Alternatively, we love this backpack by Koozam as well. It’s lightweight and we can walk around with it for hours without being bothered by it.  Also, Amazon has a large selection of backpacks that you can look at for inspiration, specifications, and reviews.

If you know that the person who will get the gift doesn’t have to do a lot of walking with their Phantom 4 you can get them something even more sturdy. In that case look at one of these hard shell cases. They will provide you with even more protection.

6. External hard drives

Anybody that uses their Phantom to shoot video is soon going to run out of hard disk space.

So, to help them solve this problem get them an external hard drive. They are not nearly as expensive as they used to be and they’ll thank you for getting them extra storage space. If at all possible, make sure to get a hard drive that supports fast transfer speeds. Don’t even look at USB2 but choose a USB3/3.1 or Thunderbolt (for Mac) SSD.

SeaGate 4TBIf you’re on a budget we recommend the Seagate Expansion 4TB Portable External Hard Drive. It’s not an SSD but it offers great value at its price. If you know your loved on is on the go a lot, it’s hard to beat the ruggedness of the LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt & USB 3.0 2 TB. Aside form these there are a lot of other SSDs out there as well so pick the one that fits your gift budget best.

– find other external drives and reviews on Amazon –

7. Lanyard

Something that people often forget to buy for themselves but that can be a lifesaver is a lanyard. It’ll help save the remote controller in case it slips You can easily pick one up cheaply from Amazon.

8. USB3 card reader

At some point, most likely after their first flight, they will have to transfer footage from their SD card to their computer. That’s where card readers come in. There are lots of different external USB3 card readers on the market so you’ll have plenty of choice. Like with external hard drives, stay away from USB2 but choose USB3 instead.

9. Memory card
SanDisk Extreme PRO 64GB UHS-I/U3 Micro SDXCThe 16GB card that came with your Phantom 4 should be good for about 40 minutes of footage. That said, you can never have enough memory cards. At some point, they’ll go corrupt and at other times people don’t have time to transfer what’s on their to their computer. So give them a bigger memory card. The SanDisk Extreme PRO 64GB UHS-I/U3 Micro SDXC is one of the best cards currently on the market and is the one we recommend.

10. Lens caps
We’re clumsy at times so this may not apply to your loved ones but,we need a replacement lens cap. It took us all of 2 hours from unboxing until we lost ours. Lens caps are cheap and protect your lens from scratches so consider having a spare on hand.

If we helped you decided or gave you some ideas about accessories that might be useful, please share this with your friends as well. Help make their holiday shopping a bit easier as well. To make that easy to do we’ve included social media sharing buttons.

If you own a drone yourself and you think we left some must have  Phantom 4 accessories out, let us know in the comments. Or do you have a favorite brand/model that we didn’t mention? Again, let us know in the comments below. And before you leave, if you subscribe to our newsletter we’ll notify you when we put out new content so you’ll always be up to date.






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